Explore Florida


FLORIDA is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Its natural wonders are the pride of the United States. Florida is called the "Sunshine State" because almost every day of the year is sunny. The nearness of the Atlantic Ocean moderates the climate year-round, increasing the January temperatures to an average of 56.7 degrees Fahrenheit and cooling the July heat to an average of 81.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Florida is 22nd in size among the states, but 4th in population (over 16 million people). During the past ten years, the population has grown by 23.5 percent, with over 85 percent of the growth coming from migration. The average age of the residents is 38.7 years, with 48.8 percent of the population being male, and 51.2—female.

Florida is a place not only for vacationing, but also for working, going to school, and starting a business. In 2002, Florida was ranked number one for growth of new businesses. Florida has also become the third greatest exporter of high-tech products among the states.

Today, Florida is the fourth-largest economy in the United States and fifteenth-largest in the world, leaving behind the economies of South Korea and India, for instance. According to polls, for the past 5 years Florida has been first among states where people most want to live.

The state of Florida provides some of the best opportunities when it comes to employment. The unemployment level here is one of the lowest in the whole country.